Nature helps overthinking

Stop for a moment.

Look around, take your surroundings in! You know the feeling, or els you wouldn’t be here. Sometimes you can’t get out of your head. Maybe its the smallest thought, maybe a little worry, going from didn’t she/he answer me in a funny way this time? or did i remember to lock the door?
This little thought then soon involves into did i do something wrong? is she/he cheating? maybe someone broke in? do i have insurance?
And soon you can’t stop, your head is exploding and you can’t sleep, you can’t be a good person to anyone else because your only in your own head.

This is all me!
I can’t let anything go, i overanalyse i overthink every little thing!
I want to let it go, but somehow i feel like i don’t have controle over my own mind.
Im working on this everyday, and if your reading this, maybe you know the feeling?

I want to give you, the readers of this blog, some advice, or at least some of the tools i use to help manage anxiety, depression and overthinking. throughout the next weeks i will upload tools for not overthinking, best cure of course is to read my blog:-) after this, my first advice to you, is to take note of your surroundings, the more you focus on this, the less you focus on you mind.

When i discovered photography!

It was when my anxiety and depression and therefore of course also my overthinking was on its highest. A friend of my bought a camera, i remember a Nikon D3000!! we ran for hours in the woods taking pictures of deers, and that day, i was sold, this was the perfect way for me to calm my mind, and forget about all the bad thing. Actually my life was good, but my mind was not. So i needed something to get me out of my head and into nature, and the camera was just the thing!
Later the same day i bought it, my Nikon D3000. this was just what i needed at this point of my life.

This is some of my first work, and still today some of the work that makes me proudest!

When your out in nature chasing that perfect image, listening to the forrest, listening to the nature, the animals and the wind! you forget everything.
In my earlier text “My life with anxiety and depression pt1” i explain how, just writing about my panic attacks almost makes me feel it again. Well explaining the calm of nature, and being in nature, makes me very happy, and gives me this warm and calm feeling in my stomach. If your a over thinker like me, if you suffer from panic attacks or depression, i promise you, if you don’t have a mobile camera, or any other camera, or if you just don’t like taking pictures, then forget that, but try to go out in nature, standing in a forrest, closing your eyes, and see how many sounds you can hear, and feel how all your worries disappears!


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