Fight anxiety with food

Are you hungry?

One of the most anxiety causing thing, is when your stomach is not in balance! Therefore its very important that what you eat helpes to calm it. So in this blog, i want to go over some of the best foods that you can eat, and also what helped me calm my stomach and helped me manage anxiety and depression.

Here are some suggestions: From everydayhealth

  • Choose foods such as complex carbs that boost the calming brain chemical serotonin. Select whole-grain breads and whole grain cereals instead of sugary snacks or beverages.
  • Eat protein at breakfast, so you have energy and your blood glucose levels stay steady.
  • Limit or avoid alcohol and caffeine, which cause anxiety after eating. Both affect your sleep and can cause edginess.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause mood changes.

So were to get all of this. you can get it by eating meat, and if you don’t want to much red meat, eat chicken, this is a great source of protein, and doesn’t contain to much fat.

Also remember to buy bread that is not to white.
I also want to stress, that its okay to drink coffee, just limit your use, and do not drink coffee to late. For me my anxiety wore worst at night before sleep. So it is important not to get hungry late afternoon or at night, and i will never drink coffee after 3 in the afternoon.


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