How to get a job

Lost your Confidence?

You know this feeling? Your sitting around, your feeling sorry for your self! I have been there!

One of the biggest confidence killers is to be unemployed! So just go get a job, right? Yes that is easier said than done. Sometimes just the thought of not getting the job, or getting rejected will keep you from job hunting.

So here are som tips and tricks that worked for me.

Before you find a job you need to find yourself!

This is maybe the most important advice i Can give! Not only in job hunting, but in life.

So what does this mean? Ive been on both sides of the table, and i can tell you with 100% certainty, that it is clear if your faking it. If your trying to be someone you think the employer wants you to be.

To get a job you need to be 100% you. You need to realize that, you do not need to try to become someone else. This way you will cheat not only the employer, but also yourself.

You need to have faith in that the employer knows who fits the profile the best. And then you have to learn from what they tell you if they reject you. Because maybe they did not see the things you want them to see, and then you can work on this. Or maybe they dit, but that was not what they were looking for.

So you need to find out who you are and then relax in the mindset that there are always someone who would want a profile like you at some point.

Okay, so know you are gaining confidence, or at least you feel more relaxed knowing that at some point you will find a job.


The biggest mistake i see when i interview people is that they are not prepared. they do not know what the job is expecting of them, the do not know what to answer to a simple questions.

You need to prepare your mind for what kind of question you most likely will get. for example, there will almost always be some kind of question about your strengths and weaknesses, so prepare for that.

Formulate sentences in your head so your ar prepared. Read up on the firm, and maybe even prepare questions for the employer, this really shows that your are interested and prepared.

Not getting interviews?

But what if your not even getting to be interviewed? i have a quick tip!
Always call before sending your job application, remember to introduce you clearly with your name, and prepare a question. Then end the conversation by saying that you are very interested and you will apply right away. This way you are sure that your not just another pretty picture in an endless row of applications.

Good luck hunting that job, and finding some confidence!:-)


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