4 steps towards Inner Calm

You feel it?

If you, like me experience anxiety and stress, maybe you also always walk around feeling like you have to do something, maybe even though you sit in the sofa, you feel like your missing something, like your never really calm. If your like me, you having trouble finding your inner calm.

to realise that theres nothing wrong with you, and to tell you self that overthingking is just a part of you, that you need to work with, instead of against, is the first big step to help you manage anxiety and depression.

For me it has been al the small lessons in life that over time helped me.

1. I find that the knot i feel in my stomach can’t be as significant if i move. So if im really feeling stressed or having trouble finding my inner calm, i take my bike and go in to nature. with i also described in this post. Nature helps overthinking

2. Another thing that helped for me, is finding some calming music, maybe if your having some specials problem an artist that you can relate to. For me that artist is John Mayer, and thats a plus, as his music can be very calming. if you haven’t found your artist yet, here are some suggestions.  Top 5 best songs for relaxing


3. don’t drink to much coffee, and watch what you eat. there are lots of foods that contribute to a less nervous system, and therefore also help you find your inner calm. Fight anxiety with food

4. Meditate, it doesn’t have to be crazy serious, but just close you eyes and focus on relaxing, focus on you breathing. If your not good at this, there are a toon of guided meditation online. Or if this is not for you, the ASMR community on youtube, can also be very helpful guiding you to a more relaxed state.


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