You can be happy!

To be happy, what is it, and how do you get to be it?

Its important to realise that happieness is a state of mind that you can controle. You are not just at passenger.

So what can you do, if you just dont feel happy?

1. People who struggle to manage stress and depression, often strugle to focus on the good things in life. This is something you need to practice! So from now on, whenever negative thoughts creep up on you, take control! There must be something positive to think about. For me if im very negativ and i cant fint anything specific in my life, i focus on nature, and how beautiful unik everything is. From the smell of rain, to the wonderfull heat of the Sun, or the fresh feeling of frost.

2. Watch a comedy, maybe a no worry comedy, my favorite actors in this catagory is, Adam Sandler, or Ben Stiller, you can always count on fun, and theres normaly no worries.

3. Old people sometimes have a calm personality. It dosnt feel like the worry to much. Sometimes if im unhappy, or have a lot of worries, goung to my grandfather, helps me lose the worries, and just focus on the positive.


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